Hi there! We are Moumita & Sankha, Indian expat couple living in Edinburgh. We have been travelling since 2014 mainly in Europe and the UK and so far, we have been to 41 countries. Our blog was born in January, 2021 to share our travel stories and photos, and to connect with fellow travellers. 

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About Moumita


I’m the one who takes all the photos, designs the website and makes the travel planning – literally I do everything in this blog apart from the writing. I’d have to admit, I like perfection – I would probably spend hours on something until I’m fully satisfied. I love reading novels from classics to contemporaries, films (particularly fantasy adventures), music. I like eating out as well but not as much as Sankha does. What I really don’t like is shopping as I get totally confused with so many options. Lastly, I’m not to be messed with when I’m hungry or sleepy. Sankha knows that really well but he would never learn.

About Sankha


What about me? Well, I’m the guy who pushes his pen in this blog. I had never imagined in million years that I would ever write a blog. If someone had asked me five years ago, I probably would have laughed out loud – I’m used to writing code in IT but creative or descriptive writing! nah, not my cup of tea, mate. But in last couple of years, when the idea of starting our blog was brewing up, I started seeing myself attempt to scribble a few words…to be honest, that’s the only way I could contribute to our blog. Apart from travelling, I insanely love to eat out – nothing better if I get to do it every day – and I luckily go along really great with almost all the cuisines. I am a coffee person and  love music (mostly all sort), beer, Netflix – managed to get over the addiction recently. I’m not too chatty on the surface but open up surprising well when people come close to me. That’s me.